Friday, April 30, 2010

Gluttony Week Day 3

 So something some of you might not know about me...... I am deathly scared of birds.... It all started when I was about 7 or 8 and I watched the movie The Birds. I thought it was dumb at first and just laughed at it. The very next day I was jumping on my tramp when out of nowhere two birds started dive bombing me and chasing me around the yard. Yeah the movie wasn't looking so dumb at this point. And to top everything off that night, I had a nightmare that some bird was flying around my head. The next thing I knew it's beak was stuck in my head all the while it was squawking and flapping it's wings. Needless to say I've been scared/hated birds every since!!

So when we were enjoying the wonders of SeaWorld and a seagull decided it would be a good idea to run into me.....I freaked out just a little bit.

Luckily the rest of the day went smoothly....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gluttony Week Day 2

We wanted to go to the beach, but the sun decided not to even come out. So instead we just rode
 bikes along the boardwalk. SOOOOOO much fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gluttony Week Day 1

A couple weeks ago Brian and I were discussing what we were going to do when he got done with finals. Should we just go home? Should we take a long road trip on our way home? Should we stay here for a week and just have fun? Well we decided on the last one, and we decided to call it our Gluttony week. Even though gluttony is an overindulgence of food, we decided it fit because we are going to overindulge in fun.

Here is day 1. Balboa Park and the Mexican Boarder.
(Don't forget to turn up your volume and feel free to shake a leg!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Woot Wooten!!!!!

My friend and old roomie was in town this past week for teacher meetings. I hadn't seen her since Christmas so I was pretty excited to be able to hang out with her. She flew in on Tuesday and left Saturday but we still managed to get in a few fun things like the Zoo, driving over the Coronado Bridge, playing in the ocean, and even some hot tubbing!.

Brian said this Panda looked like it was drunk.

You can't go to the zoo without getting pictures of the Beaver Pigs (Capybaras)

This is Burt the peacock. He was our tour guide! When Ruth and I first walked in the Zoo we didn't know which way to go, so we followed Burt.

I want a pet Koala sooooooo bad!

Ruth decided to play with the polar bears.

I wanted to see a Kiwi bird so I could write Peter and tell him I saw one, but the bird on this sign is all I got to see.

The Panther just stalked back and forth in front of this window.

I finally got to see Pumba and not just his horn!

Baby Giraffe

This is for Shannon.....I slapped the belly of an Elephant!!!

Just some wild animals.

Seals....or Sealions not sure..

Ruth showing off the ocean

Cute baby seal

Who loves the ocean? We love the ocean!

End of the Day.

Oh and the most terrible thing happened when we were at the Zoo!!!! A tiny baby duck was swimming all by himself, when out of nowhere a turtle came and chomped down on the ducks foot. The baby duck was chirping and swimming all crazy like, and Ruth and I were gasping and screaming and we were just about to jump over the fence to save the baby duck when the turtle let go!! It was kind of scary because we almost witnessed a murder...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look out below

Rewind to my college days..........

I never really had a  problem with the neighbors. I actually married a neighbor!! I heard horror stories about the up-stairs/downstairs/next-door neighbors, who blasted their music really late into the night. Or even the up-stairs neighbors who had line dancing parties. Ok so there was that one time when I came home where the creeper neighbor was rummaging through the fridge and when I asked what he was doing he said " I was just looking for something to eat." But other than that nothing I couldn't handle.

Fast Forward to present day.........

Upstairs neighbors consist of 4 people living in a one bedroom  apartment. Two girls, Grandma, and Chancho. At least twice a day, Grandma pours some kind of liquid over their railing and onto the plants below, which then in turn splash's whatever it is, on to our porch. Grandma also thinks the best time of day for vacuuming is at 6 in the morning, and their little Yorkie DOES NOT like the vacuum.

Chancho, (not his real name but we just like to call him that cuz he reminds us of the kid off of Nacho Libre) is the clumsy kid upstairs. He likes to bounce balls, and he falls down at least 20 times a day.

And now for the worst thing of all......

Do you see my lovely beach chair? It's sitting on our porch so I can sit outside and get my Vitamin D and be happy! But do you see that white dot on my chair???? No? lets zoom in.....

Do you see it now? What is it you may be asking yourself? Well if you said Grandma's nail clippings you are correct!!  I could have been sitting here when this happened *GAG*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

There are just not enough eggs in the world

I used to be scared to drive in San Diego. There were so many cars, and the on and off ramps are a little different here and people let you in if you use your blinker. But some how, some way I overcame this fear. I make U-turns just like the rest of them and I will weave in and out of cars if need be! However, I still hate the drivers here. They drive me crazy! I love to give people dirty looks if they ride my butt to closely or they cut me off somehow. And I only honk when they are really dumb. Brian always tells me to "calm down" and "just drive" or even "your over-reacting." But tonight Brian lost some of his cool, calm composure. As we were driving to the store, we had the green light and some idiot thought it would be smart to turn right when we were going through the light. Brian had to slam on his breaks an swerve in order to miss the other car. While my heart was re-starting Brian had a few choice words for the other driver, "I wish I had some eggs to throw at that idiot." I tried not to laugh in his face, and asked him instead approximately how many eggs would make a good statement. Brian thought only one but I thought three. One to get his attention, two to make him mad, and three to show him whose boss. We were pulling into the parking lot at this point, and Brian was starting to become calm again, when another idiot came backing out of parking lot with out even looking over her shoulder, and almost hitting us. Brian put his hand over the horn and debated whether he should honk or not. He slowly lowered his hand, shook his head and said, " There are just not enough eggs in the world!"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sharks and Earthquakes

Brian and I were lucky enough to have his parents come down and spend the Easter weekend with us. We had many adventures and lots of fun. Our adventures started at sunset cliffs. We saw a modeling shoot, a wedding rehearsal, and a seal.

The view from sunset cliffs

Our next adventure was to go visit the Hale telescope. We decided to take the "back roads" to get to the telescope and the road started out winding  through some fruit farms. I think they were orange trees and we might have seen some avocado trees as well. But oh my did it smell yummy. It was like we were driving through a field full of flowers. But soon the paved road turned to a dirt road an that's when the fun began!  why with all the switch backs and the dirt you couldn't trust, it was almost like going off-roading up on Monte except you could still see the ocean. We made it to the telescope just in time for the tour. I must say I have turned into a wimp. They keep the inside where they store the telescope between 30-40 degrees, and I was freezing! I think the funnest part of the tour was when we walked around the catwalk on the outside of the telescope.


See where Barbara is pointing? That's the catwalk

We then ate at Mother's Kitchen, with all the bikers, and the food was surprisingly delish. We then had to slap the belly of a bear.

 While the menfolk went to the Priesthood session, us women folk started getting food ready for the next day and watched........New Moon!!! It was good, very cheesy but you gotta respect a movie where the extremely muscley guys keep losing their shirts.
On Sunday we watched the first session of General Conference, and opened our gifts from the Easter bunny. We got some shirts and Brian got some beloved garlic salt. We also got some Easter gummy sharks who ate the eater gummy bunnies for a snack. Then we went for a little walk along the beach and up the sea cliffs. I was a little disappointed because the tide was too high to find any good seashells. But not all was lost, I still found an empty lobster tail.


And avoided a mauling by a mountain lion.

We were all pretty famished by this point so we decided to head home and eat our Christmas Easter ham. (which was scrumdillyumptious) Before we had the chance to set the table, I got to experience my first earthquake! Barbara knew just what to do, and directed us to the door frames until the shaking stopped.  It was very exciting and it has been the talk of the town pretty much all week. Sadly Bruce and Barbara had to leave Monday morning, but at least we get to see them in a couple weeks. All in all I think this Easter weekend will be one that will be remembered for a very long time!