Friday, February 17, 2012


I kinda became a creeper yesterday.  I didn't mean for it to happen but after class I walked out of the HPER building full of energy.  My class had just played floor hockey and I ROCKED at it! I looked across the grassy area to the other side walk and I saw someone walking the same direction as me. I stared the person down for a while and they kept staring me down.  I just knew it was Brian. The person walked like Brian, had on Brian's new coat, and even had on a blue and white beanie. So I decided to call him to see what he was doing. He didn't answer. So I stared him down again and when he looked my direction I pointed at my phone like "hey I'm trying to call you pick up" but he just looked away.  How rude!!! "That's OK" I thought, "I'll cut him off at the cemetery"  I stared him down the whole time and when he would look at me I would point at him and he would keep looking away. Hmm that's strange he always points back... His head was down as we got to the same sidewalk.  I was about to say something like "Hey pig, why didn't you answer your phone?" (don't worry pig to us is a good thing!) when he looked up at me with big frightened eyes.

It wasn't Brian. It was some strange kid who I had been creeping on.  I could tell by his face he thought I was a crazy person, and that I was going to attack him and no one would ever hear from him again.  I decided things couldn't get much worse so as we passed through the gates of the cemetery together, I gave him the creepiest smile I could muster!