Saturday, May 23, 2009


I love shoes!! All types of shoes, high heels, little heels, flats, boots, jelly shoes, flip flops. OK so I don't like the pointy toed witch shoes and sometimes wedges just don't look good, but for the most part show me a shoe and I will want it. The bottom of my closet is filled with shoes and honestly I still don't have enough.

I think my nieces have this shoe love also because they love to raid my shoes. The higher the heel the better the shoe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"No Fun" Business Trip

Good news....Brian and I are officially going to San Diego!!

(*Doing a happy dance).

Now I gotta give a little shout out to Brian's parents! They are amazing!! They took Brian and I down to San Diego and they drove us from place to place and helped us find an apartment. I am so glad they were there to help us out. So here's to my future in laws!!! Thank you for all your help and for everything you guys did for us!!!!

Last Wednesday we (Brian, his parents and me) left on our "No Fun" business trip to go find an apartment. I named it that because Brian told me I could have no fun. Well he was wrong about that! Some of the big things we did was stop at Disneyland.

We ate at a really cool restaurant that sits over the water and after we went to the beach and my future mother-in-law took some amazing pictures of Brian and me.

Future father-in-law took us to Balboa Park and lets us look around and also took us to Body World, and told us of some of the history of San Diego. He also took us to a Padres Baseball game an we sat in the all you can eat section and got sick off of hot dogs and nachos and popcorn.

In the end it was an fun trip, (except for the drive home....hour 10 is a doozie) and we accomplished what we went down for. We got an apartment!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breslaw 3

This blog contains lots of pictures so if you don't like just pictures turn away now!!

It's been 9 days since I've moved out of Breslaw 3 and I'm proud to say I've only cried once. I loved every second of living there and so here are some pictures of my favorite things about living there.

Water fight fun

My big dysfunctional college family

April Fools pranks


WO-Man trips

BANG game nights

"The Boys"

Christmas Decoration Wars


The love of my life!!!