Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Fun

I'm sooooo glad the 4th of July is over with! It wasn't as crazy as some years, but it was crazy enough. Luckily, nothing too horrible happened, and all of us at Cisco's survived another holiday so we decided to celebrate by taking Big Red out and having some fun. The water was too choppy to do any serious wakeboarding so we decided to tube instead. I have decided that most times when you fall off, it all depends on who you go tubing with, not who the driver is. (How many times you skid across the water is of course the drivers fault!!) If you are with someone who is not falling off no way no how, your chances are pretty good of staying on the tube for a while. If the person you are with has a death wish and is crazy.... I'm sorry but you will probably end up falling off head first tangled up with the other person. Luckily the water wasn't that bad. Once you got numb the water felt really good! Hopefully we can go again soon!

Natalie and Me hanging on for dear life.. (she's the person you want to go with if you don't want to fall off! Except she screams alot so I was laughing so hard I almost fell off anyway)

Zack and Coley right before Zack tried to jump the wake and then he pushed her off the tube! (He is one of those people that if you go with them, you will be going in the water ALOT!!!)

Tauni and Dillon, Gotta love the farmers tan!!

Natalie begging Zack to please drive the boat nice, and Cassidy knowing her brother is going to dump them the first chance he gets!!