Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parties, Parties, and More Parties

The end of summer is always a sad time for me! I am a summer girl. The only good thing about the end of summer is all the parties that happen. First party of the ending summer was a work party for Cisco's. And no end of summer at Cisco's would be complete without a picture of all our shoe tanlines that we worked so hard to get.

The crew of Cisco's. (Coley and Cassidy are missing though)

The second party wasn't really a party just more a family get together of sorts. My Uncle Bobby was on his way to Idaho to pick up one of his sons so he came up to Bear Lake for the day to hang out. We went on the waverunners, and then exchanged them for one of the boats. That night we went down and slept on the beach.

My mom and Aunt Vickie.

Trying to get warm in Cisco's. Can't tell were related can  ya?

The next party we had was for my birthday. We up to my Aunt Linda's and Uncle Hardy's house. We had hamburgers, and hotdogs, and my favorite salad ever.....candy bar salad! I didn't get my favorite food homemade noodles, but I did get my raspberry cobbler for my cake. It was nice just hanging around the fire with my family.

The last party I attended was with most of my girl friends from highschool. It was fun seeing everyone and we figured we better get one last get together in before Sylvia went on her mission and I left for California.

Sharele and me. She's the reason why I like pink and I'm a little more girly. I'm the reason she started licking her fingers after she eats messy foods.

I'm gonna miss these girls!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Hunter

Before I left my sister-in-law had her baby. They named him Hunter Orson Cornia. I have to admit he was a cute little guy. Usually babies look all deformed and alien like, but Hunter had the cutest little cubby baby cheeks that no grandma can resist pinching.

The big sisters just LOVE to squeeze him and give him hugs and kisses.

Proud Grandma of 5 grandkids!!

Just glad his not mine, so when he starts to cry I can give him back to his parents! lol