Saturday, April 16, 2011

Locked Out

So it's been a while! Sorry about that. I just haven't had much time, and I haven't had anything happen that is really blog worthy.  Except for our Disney Cruise, but in order to show the amazingness of our trip, I need time to make it perfect.

Anyway..... Brian and I decided that we were sick of looking at cinder block so we went out and bought some plants. We decided to pot the plants out on our balcony because I would probably make a mess inside. So out on the balcony we went.

Here is my pretty flower before we potted it.

 Here is Brian's weird tree plant

Brian filling his pot with dirt

Yeah for dirt.... Now lets water them.....

But how can we get water when our door is locked?!?!

In my excitement to pot my plant, I had closed the door on my way out.  Our doors aren't like normal doors and they lock automatically. Neither one of us had our keys. Who needs keys to pot a plant?

Neither one of us had brought a cell-phone and even if we had who could we call? Our window was locked shut so there was no way we were breaking in that way. Could we climb down??!?!

Sure if you wanted to break your leg (ignore me look at the height from the top balcony to the ground)

How about breaking down the door?

That didn't work either

Next best option..........Talk to the next door neighbor who speaks very little English

He gave me his phone and said "wait"

So I did and he walked all the way over to the main office to tell someone we were locked out.  When the guy came to unlock our door, I heard our neighbor say "balcony" and then our neighbor opened the door for us.  The guy that had the keys gave us a look like "how in the heck did you lock yourselves out of your apartment on your balcony"  then asked us to pay him a dollar for his services.