Saturday, March 10, 2012

Potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes.

Did I ever mention that Brian and I went to a bowl game?!?! The Potato Bowl in Boise Idaho to be exact.  It was super fun, but sad because we lost.

On the drive up to Boise almost every car we passed was sporting some sort of Aggie gear, Aggie license plate, Aggie sticker, Aggie flags. The people on the inside were decked out in Aggie gear and some of them would even give you the Scotsman hand gestures that looked a little bit like this....

 When we got there we went to the basketball stadium where the rumor was we would get free food!! And honestly what college student can pass up free food?!?!

The rumor was true and they fed us......


 Brian was disgusting and put broccoli on his.... Gross..
After Brian filled up with broccoli and I filled up with cheese and bacon bits, we decided to walk around.  Good thing we did because we got to see the Worlds largest potato on wheels. Not everyone can claim they have seen that!

 Eventually we wandered in the stadium and found our seats. No vacation would be complete without proxy Peter there. This was his last escapade with us before he actually came home.

After the first kick off a dog ran onto the field. Everyone started freaking out until we realized that the dog was trained to retrieve the ball tee. This was probably the coolest part of the game. I think the dog got more cheers than the team did!  It did turn sad on one kickoff when a boy ran out to get the tee instead of the dog. Everyone started to boo the boy and shout "the dog is better." It was sad but the next kickoff the dog was back! 

The dog is sitting on the white part of the field with an orange vest on.

 By the time the game was over I was frozen stiff.  I couldn't feel my fingers or toes, and my legs were so frozen I couldn't bend them.  Luckily we parked in the closest parking lot so we didn't have very far to walk.

Sadly the game didn't end how we wanted it too. But that's OK. It was a fun season and I can't wait until April when the blue and white scrimmage is scheduled. Then it's only another 4 months until Aggie football is back!!!