Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Last Weekend

When we first arrived in Norway, Stein mentioned that he had a sail boat, and promised us that he would take us for a ride.  Our last week in Norway Stein actually left for Utah but he "promised us" and he never breaks his promises.  Luckily his son volunteered to take us.  We were a little worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate because it had been really rainy, but the day came and the sun was shining.

 The Pejage 2

We made bets that out of everyone Katlin would be the one to fall in. So we made her walk the plank and pack the things to the boat.

 You can call me Captain Lindsey!

Adventure awaits.....Over there....

 A really cool boat

A church and a mountain

A viking boat

 I claimed the front of the boat and settled in for the ride

The little gap between the mountains is the ocean

Real fishermen

 My roomies

 Erica using the Rigla (?spelling)

My Rigla (?Sp)

I had a line with lots of fishing hooks on it, and every now and then you were suppose to pull it.

I was enjoying myself

 And then I got sleepy

So I gave my fishing line to Katlin who promptly got the hook stuck in her pants!

 At one point we drove to a new spot and the lines started hitting the pole.  It sounded like the tick tocking sound from Peter Pan. Katlin had been serenading us and taking song requests so when the tick tocking started she couldn't resist and this is what happened.

 We didn't catch any fish but our faces did get sunburned.  I have to say this was an awesome way to end my Norway experience!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baroniet Rosendal

Before we left Norway we got the opportunity to tour the Rosendal Barony. The short story is In 1658 there was a wedding between Norway’s wealthiest heir, Karen Mowat and a poor but proud Danish nobleman. Karen Mowat and Ludvig Rosenkrantz were given the farm Hatteberg as a wedding present. The king then gave it the title of Barony. The cool part about the barony is the rooms are influenced by owners over 250 years, and the manor is preserved as a home – the way it was when the last owners left in 1927.


 The fireplace in the dining hall

This candlestick reminded me of Lumiere from Beauty and The Beast

 I love their fireplaces

The Baroness's trunk.....I think

The Baron and Baroness

 Fun Stairs

A painting of the Barony. The mountain in the background is Malmangernuten

 The Baroness's room.....Can I have a library in my room?

 The Library is the only room in Norway kept in its entirety from the 16-hundreds. It is clothed in rich French tapestry from the 1660s. This tapestry is the only one of its kind still on the original walls. You'll notice that in the corner there is a lady doing some repair work on the tapestry.

 Another cool fireplace

The Blue room

 Seriously how can you not want one of these?

This is some of the oldest Meissen and Royal Danish china kept in Norway.

The  Red Room has some of the grand and beautiful Norwegian nature, painted by the greatest Norwegian landscape painters from the national romantic period.

 This painting is a female portrait painted in the 1880s by Edvard Munch. I think the guide said this painting was worth millions!

 I really liked this hallway lamp

The courtyard

The Yellow Room

 The Yellow Room has a Norwegian empire-style interior, including some of the most precious empire furniture in the country. The furniture was made by Abraham Bøe from Bergen around 1820.

This is a painting from a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays. I can't remember which one so if anybody knows please let me know!

 View of the gardens from the Yellow Room
The sitting area where you can enjoy a cup of kaffe and a biscuit.

I'm so glad that we got tour the inside!