Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer 2013

Well the summer came and went just like that. It started off right with graduation

Representing Norway

Brian and I didn't have any plans after graduation so we moved in with his parents until we figured out what to do with our lives. Which I have to give a HUGE shutout to his parents. I don't think we could have survived the summer without them letting us live with there.

Gus didn't know what to think about it

We went camping up Monte with my family

My Aunt Vickie taught me how to catch a fish with my bare hands.  I am proud to say I caught one and promptly began screaming and let it go because I realized I had a live slimy fish in my hand and I do not like live slimy fish

While deciding what to do with our lives, we figured we might as well take a road trip and see if there were any places in California we would like to live.

We got to spend a night in San Fransisco

 Camped out by Highway One and found "Sammy" the banana slug.

And what a better way to end a road trip then to stop at Disneyland

A couple of Brian's cousins called us and asked if we would like to hike the Subway with them in Zions National Park.  Of course we said yes.

The "twofer" 4th of July parade in Woodruff

Girls day trip to Old Ephraim's grave

It was really dusty so we used bandanas to help us breathe. I think they made us look like bank robbers.

I was able to talk Brian into going to Lava Hot Springs and he brought Peter along to float the river. There is nothing better than to float the river during the day and sit in the hot pots at night. 

Crashing is never a good thing when floating the river.

Family golf at Bear Lake

Every year my mom, my aunt, and I try to sleep outside on the tramp to watch the stars. And every year we always miss the perseid meteor shower. Thanks to Brian for paying attention, we had a meteor shower party this year. 

Glow in the dark bowling

The next morning

Bruce had meetings in Phoenix and invited us to go along.  Brian and I made a little detour and camped at the Grand Canyon

My new sleeping bag

The Grand Canyon 

HP was having a job fair in Houston so Brian and I drove from Phoenix to Houston.  When we crossed into Texas there was a sign that said the town on the other side of the Texas was about 850 miles away. By the time we reached Houston we were only 100 miles away. It was a long and painful drive but luckily we were able to stop in San Antonio

The Alamo

River walk

And it wasn't really summer any more but we took our last trip as "bums" to Sun Valley with Brian's family. 

I really want this bear foot rest!

Overall, it was a really good summer!