Thursday, March 26, 2009


I made fajita's!! For those of you who know me, you know what a miracle this is. For those of you who don't know me....I don't cook!!! I'm not the cooking type. A bowl of cereal is just fine for me. My mom tried thousands of times to teach me how to cook. But I would have none of it. She actually did get me to make banana puffs though, (they are my most favorite cookie of all time!!) because she told me the only way I could get them was if I made them myself. But until I started working at Cisco's I had no need to cook. Since that time I am now a pro of cupcakes, chocolate cake (from scratch!!), waffles (also from scratch), and mickey mouse pancakes. I'm not that great but I'm still learning and the good news in all of this is, Brian and I won't starve!! Woot!

Your never too old for Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Doesn't Look as good as it tasted....but I made it =O =D

Becky thought it might be good to document my attempt at cooking with peppers, and not only did I cook with them I ate them too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Engagement Story

So I hate surprises! If you tell me "I have a surprise for you, but you can't have it for a couple days" it drives me crazy! If you give me the surprise right then it's not so bad. But Brian loves this little flaw in my character, so he told me he had a surprise planned for me but I couldn't get it until I went to his house. He also told me I needed to bring snow stuff and clothes to change in too but he wouldn't say anything else. For over a week I begged him to tell me what we were doing but he wouldn't budge. So finally on the appointed day I met up with him at his house and asked for my surprise. All he told me was to get my stuff and we were leaving. What?!? I had just got there and there was no surprise!! So I packed my stuff into the truck and we headed off to his Cabin (which was one of the surprises and I wasn't suppose to know that yet, but I'm glad it slipped :D) So we got to his cabin and his family had built a sledding hill, so we got in our snow stuff and did some sledding. It got kind of chilly so we went back inside and played some games, and then Brian decided that we needed a fire. Well it wouldn't start because the sticks were a little bit wet so I figured there should be some little pieces in the wood bucket by the fire place. So I reached down in the bucket and sure enough dry pieces! So I started grabbing into this bucket for more little pieces and on one handful I brought it up, and it didn't feel like wood, and as I looked at it, it didn't look like wood.....IT WAS A DEAD MOUSE!!!! I am proud to say I only freaked out a little bit! I kept saying "eww eww eww ewwww Ewww EWWWW" and I only washed my hands like 65 times. And it wasn't even that bad until Brian scooped the mouse out of the bucket and into the garbage can and when I looked at it, the side was all open because it had been rotting for so long. After that Brian kept apologizing and I was kind of wondering what was up with him because normally he would have been laughing his head off! Well he finally gets the fire going and we put in a movie. The whole time during the movie I was thinking "This is it! He is going to ask me! Pshhh no he's not he is going to make me suffer till March... He won't ask me." But after the movie he told me he had one more surprise for me and he went off into one of the cabins bedrooms. The next thing I see is his remote control Hummer cruising towards me with a box on it, and it stopped right in front of me. I kind of looked from Brian to the box like "what is this?" and he came and sat down by me and told me "I got you something, open it!" So I opened it and it was my ring!!! and he asked me "Do ya love it?" because that's what the ring salesman asked me every like 5 seconds. And he grabbed the box from my hand and got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him! I got a giant stupid grin on my face, and did the whole girly hand fan in front of my face thing and said "YES!!!!" So yeah...that is the story of how we got engaged!!!