Thursday, September 23, 2010

This blog was written by Brian...

Yeah, that's what this blog is about.

Lindsey is working part time at the HYPER Building here at USU.  The HYPER is basically the athletic center, along with the Field House.  So she is exposed to a lot of athletic programs will at work.  One of the programs is called Fun, Fit, For Life.  It's basically classes you can attend and work out for an hour.  Some of the classes include dance, yoga, core workout, and spinning.

Once Lindsey learned about this program she immediately wanted to join in the fun.  She came home and let me know very subtely about her interest.  Eventually I said that we could try it out, but I had a few reservations.  All I could picture was an environment like the one featured in this video:

I have been road biking all summer with my dad so I figured spinning would be a good place to start.  So last night we went over to the Field House to join the class.  There were several people already in the exercise room.  The instructor was a little late, apparently because he was a substitute for the normal guy.  He was an interesting guy, I don't think anyone in the class could really tell what his preference was.  This made for an uncomfortable situation when he went around the class and adjusted the machines for everyone while mentioning to me to make sure my seat was correctly positioned to protect my groin.  Then he decided he was too far away from the class and needed to move his machine closer.  Of course he then moved his machine directly in front of me so we could stare at each other for the next hour.  Eventually we started biking and the European techno music began.  The workout began fine, but then the instructor decided to really get into it and sing along over the microphone.  Luckily, this didn't last long but kept occurring randomly over the next hour.

After the work out was over we did a few stretches.  At this point Lindsey said she wasn't feeling too good and sat down.  After awhile she got up, but she was still feeling wierd.  The instructor suggested that we walk around the track a little to cool down.  So we started walking, but Lindsey started to wobble a little and then bolted out a side door.  I followed her outside and found here throwing up in a bush.  She ended up throwing up five times.    Luckily we were right next to one of the busiest intersections on campus.

It wasn't all bad though.  Lindsey thought it was kind of funny because of something we saw a few days earlier.  We were walking though a parting lot and a kid threw up across the parking lot.  The kid had some force behind it, so we had been joking about projectile vomiting ever since.  Little did we know...

Eventually we got Lindsey home and she started to feel a little better.  So our first Fun, Fit, For Life experience was a huge success.  But now that Lindsey has recovered she has decided we are going back next week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Me vs The Sprinklers

So there I was.....sprinklers everywhere!!

I hate the sprinklers in the cemetery! It seems like they are always on and I am at war with them! As of now the Sprinklers are 7 and I am now up to 3!!

It all started the other day as I was riding my bike to class. I was minding my own business, just thinking about everything I needed to get done for the day, when I noticed all the sprinklers. It was too late to take another path so I just thought "I can outsmart the sprinklers."

I rode up to the first one and waited for it to pass the road. As it passed I scooted on right up to the next one and started waiting patiently for it to pass the road. That's when the one I had just passed snuck up from behind me and got me wet. It was such a shock that I pushed forward on the bike peddle, and since I was so close to the sprinkler it pushed me through it.  By this time I was already pretty wet, and there were 3 more sprinklers to go. So I just said to heck with it and  peddled as fast as I could through the rest of the sprinklers and ended up sloshing into my class.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wicked Witch of USU

When school first started, I had to walk through the cemetery.  It took me about 10-15 minutes to walk to class. I didn't mind it that much because it was a very peaceful walk.  But ever since Brian's parents brought us bikes, I realized what I was missing out on.  Not only is it good exercise, but it only takes me 5 minutes to get to class now!

Brian thinks it's creepy that I like to ride through the cemetery, so he says my new theme song should be the song about the wicked witch of the west.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weeeeerrrre Baaaack!

It's offical.......Brian and I live together again!!!

After living apart all summer, we are finally living under the same roof!  I'm not going to lie it  has been a little weird. For one I have to get used to sleeping with a bed hog again. Also, he makes me eat food other than just cereal....but I suppose that's a good thing!  And poor Brian, he has to put up with all my girly smells, like lotion, fingernail polish, and hairspray.  He also has to deal with the fact that my hands are usually little ice cubes and I like to put them on his neck or stomach to get them warm!!

But all in all, we are glad to finally be back together!