Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ahh Tute

I'm sure most of you have seen this picture by now.  It makes me giggle every time I see it because it is sooo true!

Brian has definitely changed the way I shop! When I go grocery shopping I make a list but I still like to walk up and down every isle to see if I need anything.  Not with Brian, you make a list and that's all you go for. Any extra time spent going up useless isles results in a stern talking too about wasting too much time.  Last week we finally ran out of edible food so we decided it was time to go shopping.  The longest part of shopping was driving to the store. I kid you not we were in and out of there in less than 10 minutes.

Another true thing that women do when shopping is point out items, or pick them up and say "this is cute" or "ahh cute"  However I didn't realize this until yesterday when my little nephew brought it to my attention.  My mom has been watching my brothers kids this week and she brought them to Logan.  She wanted to go to a dress store so she could buy Christmas dresses for the little girls. So while they were off looking at all the dresses I followed Hunter around.  As he walked around the store everything was "ahhh tute" (cute). The little hair bows for little girls "ahhh tute" the ties for little boys "ahh tute"  The dresser that was used for decoration "ahhh tute." You can tell that he does a lot of shopping with women!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stupid Pintrest

Pintrest has giving me a false sense of craftiness.  I look through everyone else's crafts and think "Pshh I can do that"  "oh that's cute, that wouldn't be hard to make at all."   I see the captions "Easy Peasy craft 10 minutes or less" and think "A ten minute craft is just up my ally!"   And it doesn't help things that I live in Utah. I feel like I am the only LDS women/lady/girl that doesn't have a crafting website.  Kudos to me though, I at least have a blog =D.

So after looking through all of these crafts, I finally broke down and made a craft of my own.  I didn't think of it of course, I'm not that crafty yet!

Sock Snowmen

These are the snowmen that inspired me. And I got the idea from here.

I struggled a bunch just a little bit with making my snowmen round.  The bottom was round and fat but the middle just stayed skinny.  I also didn't have another colored sock for a sweater and white on white just didn't look good. So I decided to pull out my finger paints (yes they are made for kindergartners) and finger painted my sock blue!

All in all I feel like I didn't do too shabby.  Which makes me hopeful that I can pull of my next craft....

I found the trees from here.