Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bad Decisions

Have you ever made a bad decision and it has haunted you the rest of your life?!?!?! 

Well I made one of those decisions when I was 16.  I was young and impressionable and I was on a date with a Senior!!! Yes me, a measly sophomore was dating a senior! Somewhere along our date we ran into a group of his friends.  We were going to a movie and they were going to a movie so why didn't we go to the same movie?!?! *yeah*clapping of hands*weeping for joy*

Good News: We get to go to the movies with friends....
Bad News: They wanted to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre =S

I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies. But I was hanging out with SENIORS, I couldn't say no. But I still had one thing working for age.

Me: Oh that sounds like a fun movie to see, but sadly I'm not 18 so I can't get in....What a shame!!!

Friends: Oh that doesn't matter we know how to get around that.

Me: Huh..

Friends: Ya you buy the movie ticket for the other movie, and then you go to the bathroom. When you  come out you go into the other movie theater. They check your ticket when your first walk in, not when you go into the theater. Don't worry we've done it loads of times.....

My only line of defense was gone. So I went to Texas Chainsaw Massacre....

Worst decision EVER!!! During the movie I was soooo scared. There was one part that I jumped so bad I almost landed in my dates lap. Then when he dropped me off at my house, I was walking to our front door and what was laying on our steps......Yup a chainsaw!!  My heart almost beat out of my chest and I started to run around my house to the other door.

I am constantly on the look out for Chainsaw Bob. Whenever I'm by myself and it's dark I just know that he is out there waiting for me.  I can't go to haunted corn mazes because anybody could walk into that corn with a chainsaw.  You hear a girl scream bloody murder and hear the roar of a chainsaw, most people think it's just part of the show. Not me....I feel bad that she's getting chopped up, but at least it gives me time to get away! And don't get me started on what kind of freaks hide out in haunted houses. 

Because of this movie I am constantly on the lookout for Chainsaw Bob, and one of my worst fears is that I will be driving along Sardine canyon and my car will break down right by the Midway Antiques Shop.

This is totally Chainsaw Bob's hideout!! It's in the perfect location middle of no where and people can't hear you scream! Notice how it's built almost into the hill behind it.  That's so Chainsaw Bob can take you into his underground/mountain tunnel system so no one will ever find you!! I try to drive by it as fast as I can, but not fast enough to get pulled over because of course the cops are in on it!

Just like in the movie.....

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's the start of another semester and  I finally have started taking classes in the secondary education program. I've learned some interesting things but the most interesting thing so far has been when my teacher told us that kids are like pirates.

Teacher: Just so you guys know your students are gonna be like pirates!

Class: Huh? *confused looks*

Teacher: Ya....what do pirates like to do? Pirates like to mutiny that's what! And your students are going to mutiny. It's your job to keep them from doing that, and good luck with that! It's not easy when they all gang up against you.  *under his breath* Little hellians!

Class: LOL's *looking around at each other to see if we really just heard our teacher right.*

Sounds like I better get a parrot and an eye patch!