Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life According to my Iphone

What the last semester has looked liked:

Piggy banks are hard to find, Neighbors with loud music so I gave them a taste of their own medicine, Pierre the praying mantis, glad to see my tuition is going to something useful.

  Creepy tunnel troll, art, football, Aggie Ice cream

Bicucling is dangerous, football, fortune cookie

 We beat Utah, Safety Helmet, Aggie football, Logan Mountains

Birthday Girl, Birthday Bike, Mud Run, I dropped the milk

Bucketball, Gus wants all the attention, I'm gonna be a teacher!

 Brian's new Hat, Take care of your body Peter, Coles and Me, Thai food

 Trying to keep warm, gang of turkeys, Football

 Beautiful sky, More football, Studying at the Library

PAWPELL Party (Popcorn At Work Party Extravaganza Lyndsey Landon Lindsey)