Thursday, February 6, 2014

Out On Bail

I had to go to the Roseville police station today to get my fingerprints taken.  Now before you let your mind run wild with possible crimes I could have committed, I will tell you it was only for a job. But while I was there it reminded me of the time I went on a date to the Logan County Police station.  That wasn’t our original date plan either.   
I had dated a kid in high-school but he left my junior year on a mission.  I dated other people, but we still wrote each other frequently.  So when the two years were up and it was time for him to come home, I was really nervous to see him again.  However, true to his style he called me the second day he was home and said “I’m coming to Logan tomorrow and we’re going on a date.”  I immediately called my mom who promptly told me she was coming over to Logan so she could see him as well. (He was pretty good friends with her).  

 My roommates had heard stories about this kid so as the time of our date approached I noticed a strange trend emerging.  All my roommates were slowly migrating to the couch to watch this awkward reunion.  The knock came when I was in my bedroom. I ran calmly walked to the front room.  There he was. After two years I was finally seeing him again.  He hugged my mom first, shook all my roommates’ hands, and then, to my roommates delight, gave me the weirdest handshake hug.  I shoved him out the door before we could embarrass ourselves anymore. 

At dinner we had an interesting conversation about dates. We talked about cool dates and lame dates. He thought the lamest thing a guy could do was take a girl to the temple to walk around.  Since he is not the lamest guy in the world he would take a girl to a park instead. That way you could sit on some swings or go down some slides. If you were really cool you would find a park that had all of this and that overlooked the temple.  He said he was an expert at taking girls on non-lame dates.

After dinner we hopped back in the car and as we were driving to our non-lame date activity we got side swiped by a truck. Everyone was OK and nothing really serious happened except the front bumper of his car was mangled.  

The police came. Took statements, and told us to wait.  I could tell my date was very embarrassed and uncomfortable so I tried to make the situation better by saying this was definitely a non-lame date.  He didn’t appreciate it. That’s when things got really interesting.  The cop in charge came back to our car and said:

Cop: “Since you are out of state we need you to come down to the station with us?” 
Date: “Why”
Cop: “You were involved in an accident and blah blah I don’t remember everything he said but something to do about a fine for being in a wreck and blah blah since you live out of state we have a lot of runners so we need you to come down to the department to pay your bail.”
Date: “Wait, what? A bail?? I’m on a date. Can’t I pay this another time?” 
Cop: “You can come pay it willingly now, or we need to arrest you.” 
Date: “OK I’ll come with you.”  

We followed the officer to the police station and I noticed he was a K-9  cop.  So I asked him about his dog. Could I see his dog?  Could I pet his dog?  Had his dog ever done drug searches in schools?  He had!! Well had he ever done drug searches at Rich High school because that’s where I had gone to school. The whole time my date was mortified and was trying to get me to hush up. “Lindsey shh,” “Lindsey it doesn’t matter.”  As we walked into the police station I looked around and said very loudly “Hmm this is the first time I’ve been on a date to a police station before!!”  My date gave me the dirtiest look and walked to the window to pay his “bail.”  As we walked back to the car I couldn’t help but make one more insey teeney weeney comment, “You’re right, this is much better than walking around the temple!!” 

And that’s how I ended up at Police station on a date!

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