Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A letter to my Dad

Dear Pops,

It’s been two months. Two months since the last time I talked to you. Two months since I last heard your voice. Two months since I got the phone call. The phone call that you had passed away.  That was a bad day for me.  I still came to work because I knew I needed to get things ready before I left.  I’m glad I came to work that day.  I cried between every class but I knew I had to keep it together in front of my students.  That is the only thing that kept me from falling to pieces.  It sort of worked.  They knew something was wrong but I couldn’t find the words to say “my dad passed away this morning.”

There were so many people at your funeral.  I felt bad that everyone had to stand in line that long but it was amazing to see all the love and support from everyone.  At one point I looked over and I could see you smiling.  I don’t know who was talking to you but they must have said something funny because I could also hear you laughing. That is one thing I miss the most is hearing you laugh.  I always loved watching funny movies with you because of how much you laughed.

We are doing ok but we’re not.  Everyone misses you. I don’t know if being away from everyone is making this easier or harder.  Easier because I can sometimes forget about it and that helps get me through to the next day.  Harder because I’m not around family and I really miss everyone.
Somedays I think I finally have patched the hole in my heart with a little bit of putty and it’s finally starting to heal a little.  Then I see something or hear something that reminds me of you and the putty gets ripped out and I wonder when it’s not going to be painful anymore.

Well, I know you are busy so I will wrap this up. I hope you are finding some time to go fishing with Ritchie because that was one of your favorite things to do.  Give Mutley some grapes and string cheese for me. Finally, watch out for Mom on the golf course and get her with as many sprinklers as you can!

 Love ya Pops!

P.S. Keep the pennies coming. They really help!

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