Friday, November 29, 2013

Slimy things

Brian and I thought it was raining while we were at the Redwoods. However, we soon found out it wasn't raining it was fogging.  The trees take all the moisture from the fog and it builds up on their leaves until it gets too heavy and drops to the ground.  It was very foggy while we were there so it was also very wet.  Since it was so wet there were lots of slimy things to see.

There were mushrooms EVERYWHERE!!

Some were fuzzy

Some were green

Some had spots

And others looked like Toad from Mario

Some liked growing on trees

And some I have no idea what it was

And some were larger than my Iphone

The slimiest thing of all though was our dinner guest

Tater the snail.

All day long we had searched for a snail/slug. The ranger lady said we had a pretty good chance of seeing one since it was such a wet day.  I was excited because my last slug sighting was Sammy.

Which is a pretty good sighting if I do say so myself. So you could understand my disappointment after searching for a snail/slug all day and all I found was nothing!

 We got to our campsite and went about our way doing our thing. No snail......We went to the beach and enjoyed a little ocean breeze on our face. No snail...... We got ready for dinner and put our tinfoil dinners on the fire...No snail.   I pulled out all the condiments for our dinner and set them on the table....No Snail..... Took my tinfoil dinner out to check if it was done and......SNAIL....SNAIL!!!! He just appeared. All slimy and cool like.

I took a bazillion photos and even maybe broke the table a little bit in my excitement. But it turned out OK because as we sat down for dinner I gave Tater a potato and he decided to stay and eat with us.

I may have accidentally dropped the potato in the dirt

 After he devoured the potato, he checked out our hot chocolate mess (those are marshmallows in the background)  and decided he had had enough.  So he took off over the side of the table and disappeared.

I wonder what slimy things we will discover next!

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This is me! said...

Ok, I would love to take pictures of all those mushrooms! Tater is an awesome new friend, eating his dirt covered potato and all!