Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kvinnherad Kirke

Remember this building?

It was built of brick in 1255 and I got to go to church there! After church Stein and his wife Elke gave us a guided tour!

I can't remember everything he said about it though so here's a cool ship that hangs from the ceiling.. It's a replica to some pirates ship I think.

 The organ pipes

I liked the arch way

Where the pastor/preacher/minister/  stands

Gabby sitting on the Bride and Grooms chairs

 Aren't Stein and Elke such a cute couple!?!?!....Love them!!

 The church and the fjord....oh and some dead people

These are old Celtic headstones

Even though I didn't understand a thing that happened, I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to go to church in such an old building!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mountain Goats

On our hike we ran into some "wildlife."

 If you crinkled your chocolate wrapper they would come right up to you

Most of them seemed nice enough

 I was happy to let this one stay where he was!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last weekend one of the teachers at the elementary school took us for a hike up to Skalafjell. We gained 951 feet during the hike.

We don't know what this was but it was cool to look at

Picture of a picture

 Can you say this correctly?

 Definitely a troll trap

They even had tires for bait

Some flowers trying to tell the snow it can go away now!

 Trail Marker

Some mountains

More Mountains

At the top


 Which way would you like to go?

 Taking in the views
More views

And another view

We made it! (me, Erica, Maggie, Katlin)

Action shot of Maggie

 Me, Kristine, Erica, Maggie, Katlin, Siv

So beautiful

Gotta bring a little bit of 'Merica to Norway

 Signing my name in the book

See Proof!

Power lines=Trolls

I think the way down was very difficult because the trail was icy

 And the tree branches broke off very easily

 Giant Icicles

I could look at this all day long

Katlin finally decided sliding was much easier than walking

Back to Rosendal

Their speed bump signs make me smile =D